Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Over, done with, fini, adios.

I'm telling you now, so that you needn't whine.

The high-gorge, urban-hipster, slim-cut, unpleated, cuffless 3 button suit is dead. Start eBaying now.

What's coming down the pike is a classical variation of this. Softer, more comfortable. The urban-hipster thing always reminded you of being inside something. Rearward pleats will still be exiled from Fashionable Island, but the truly stylish will still be able to opt for forward pleats--good luck finding them--of course, cuffs (1.5" or 3.75cm) will be mandatory.

Shoulders will no longer be pinched, but rather a bit broader and pitched forward, but not anything like the slouchy silhouette that shuffled insouciantly from Milan in the late 1980s. The 3 button stance will hold, as well, but with a bit more gorge, and the lapel rolling gently (in a well made suit, anyway) to the center button, the only one buttoned*. Stick with ventless. Oh, and breast pockets will be slightly slanted.

And...start knocking back those sideburns. Nobody's casting for Brady Bunch 3.

* You button the top one only to show people you fell off the tater truck just in from Dogpatch.


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