Friday, June 03, 2005

Things without which you oughtn't live. Pt. 1

I have (re) discovered the unalloyed joys of driving shoes. No, these are not made for walkin' around--although puttering around the house is no big deal--but they are unsurpassed for driving and general comfort. The thinking man's "Ugg" if you will.

What makes the driving shoe a driving shoe is how the traction surface extends (in a right angle-ish way) up beyond the heel, about halfway up the back to where the "plug" would be.

There are two basic sorts of driving shoes, the boot (a sort of midtop affair) and the moccasin. The boots are better for walking around outside and provide a bit more (duh!) ankle support and for instances where the driving might prove to be more energetic, with a lot of the clutch/brake/gas fandango.

Of course, there are good ones and bad ones and price is no indication of quality. In the boot category, the following Italian number--beware the dollar to Euro conversion!--is the one to have, and is available in the dark brown shown or in black:

The moccasin to have, and hurry!, is this one from Lands' End that runs a piddly $40: bastards won't let me link to their pic)

In the moccasin category, you'll find a glut of pretenders, but most are too unstructured to be worth a damn, and almost all look like an ungainly hybrid between house slippers and boat mocs. Avoid.


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