Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ah, shoes.

I didn't really start out to be one of those guys. Guys like Adolphe Menjou who had a giganticmous closet filled with shoes. (One supposes he had an even bigger one for suits, etc.) But here I am.*

I was waiting for NOS to finish up his extracurricular Spanish stuff at school by hopping over to Nordstrom. Normally, I don't shop there. I have an aversion to paying for parking (even with validation, at this place you're looking at having to rummage for cash**) but, unluckily for the mall's management company, there is construction right across the street. On this day the site was abandoned, so I took it as a sign of Divine Providence to park and go shop. I walked by N-M but nothing caught my eye (rarely does, but it happens every once in a while), then past a slew of boutiques and into Nordstrom. Well, now!

The Men's Dept. had discreet sales racks all over the place. So, it seemed inevitable that I proceeded through said section like a devouring flame. Of interest to this blog entry is that I managed to score YET MORE shoes, all at ver-r-r-ry attractive prices. Sperry white canvas slip-on CVOs (at least that's what they were called a quarter century ago, now I believe these are called "Key Largo"...whatever), Sperry red (like a Nantucket Red) canvas lace-up CVOs and these:

These are the Allen-Edmonds "Lagrange" and they are an inordinately comfortable hybrid between a standard penny loafer and a driving moc. This one has a bit more heel than the usual driving moc so you can actually get some modest amounts of walking done after you get out and park. The leather is VERY supple and not nearly as contrast-y as you might think from the photo. They also provide the wearer with the singular advantage of being able to wear them without looking like he just stepped out in bedroom slippers.

See? I told you driving mocs would be all the rage. Hear me now and believe me later.


* I now must admit to owning 43 pairs of shoes.

** It is a very well known fact I NEVER carry cash.


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