Monday, November 21, 2005

Tuxedo Function

Poppy, whom I adore enough to put on the VERY restricted list of people who get a kidney or bone marrow no-questions-asked, has just posted a screed or diatribe on the matter of black tie events. Poppy and I may be (very) incompatible on politics, (mildly) incompatible on religion, (somewhat) incompatible on geography or music, but I can't get used to her blasphemous philippics.

Black tie events are, simply, the pinnacle of all human activities. They are only surpassed, in theory, by white tie events. The latter, in SoFla, means consular balls (oh, SHUSH Mattis) so that is statistically insignificant. To what extent do I love black tie?

Ponder the numbers:
1 full-on tuxedo (DB)
1 dinner jacket (DB ivory linen)
1 pleated wing collar shirt
2 piqué front wing collar shirts
2 herringbone weave spread collar shirts
3 pleated spread collar shirts
1 pleated straight collar short (linen)
2 black bow ties (1 butterfly & 1 "batwing")
1 silver/black micro houndstooth bow tie, batwing shape
1 blackwatch tartan bow tie (these two are for"creative" black tie)
1 pair black patent bluchers
8 pairs of formal suspenders
3 sets studs/cufflinks
1 white piqué vest
1 charcoal nailhead vest
X formal socks
4 pocket watches (two inherited)
To say nothing of the black patent leather oxfords I am eyeballing, or the sterling stud/cufflink set, or the dark blackwatch dinner jacket or the black linen "formal" trousers I covet. So, basically, any event which allows me to give these raiments some airtime is to be applauded.

I specifically enjoy the summer SoFla events, because I can give the DB ivory linen dinner jacket some play. The contrast between the cool white of the shirt, the jet black of the silk tie and the creamy ivory of the dinner jacket is, simply, a killer look for me. Since the dinner jacket is the breakout item of the ensemble, I go simple with the trimmings. Plain gold disc studs with plain double-sided monogrammed gold disc cufflinks and plain gold pocket watch is just about the ideal look for me.



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