Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MTM Shirtings

I had a GC to J. Bolado clothiers. While they are just a hop away from me and DAMNED close to where one of my sons has an after-school thing on Tuesday & Thursdays, I have never so much as walked into this establishment. It's owned by 2 brothers from Spain and we discussed menswear for a while (the realities of life in a capitalist society dictates they carry some stuff you wouldn't be wearing whilst suffering from a fit) and they were pleasantly surprised at my requirements, since the few men who do get shirts MTM, just do so to accomodate unique physical characteristics, not to get the features/details one wants. Without going into a whole thing, suffice it to say, that color aside (pink) the shirt is one of hardassed sartorial reactionary splendor.

Just to keep you posted, here are mine in a dress shirt:

Spread collar, medium (not the super-spread cutaway, and not so short my head looks like a balloon)
Gauntlet buttons
Cuffs joined to sleeve via a gazillion teeny pleats (a tapered sleeve looks cheapo, and using only 2 pleats per side of a sleeve makes it impossible to iron properly)
Monogram where only I can see it. (Showing off a monogram on a shirt drives me mad...mad I tell you!)
Shoulder pleats
French cuffs (duh!), snug...because with cuffs--button or french--you shouldn't be able to put your hand through when they are fastened.
A for-real separate placket.
And no shirt pocket.

Fabric: pink cotton broadcloth 140s. They had a stunning Royal Oxford that, sadly, proved not nearly pink enough... sort of a very faded peach.

I shall report upon receipt.



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