Thursday, April 13, 2006

Q: Why is tonight REALLY different from all the other nights?

A: Because tonight is the evening formerly known as The All-Gentile* Seder.

I say formerly because actual Jews (and observant ones, at that) will make an appearance. My friends D & N and their VERY newbornish daughter will be here.

I actually make an effort to do two things:

1- Play it straight, and
2- Make the food yummy

Part of the reason I play it straight [seriousness] comes as a result of having a lot of Cuban-type affinity (this is the anniversary of the Bay of Pigs) and the theme** of "once thou wast a slave, and the LORD thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a strong arm" kinda resonates ovah heah.[/seriousness]

I make the food yummy because if I didn't my head would burst into eleventy gazillion flaming splinters.


Hard Boiled Eggs and Salt Water
In lieu of Gefilte Fish I make fresh grouper ceviche
Arugula & Frisée Salad with a Blood Orange Vinaigrette
Matzoh Ball (the trick is to make them VERY small and also to use very highly carbonated soda water) Soup
Roast leg of lamb (trimming this is a COLOSSAL, monumental PITA...but worth it, because, frankly, lamb fat tastes like death and on top of that, it's like squirting silicone into your arteries)
Roast potatoes (roast w. the lamb and so as to maximize the EVOO/rosemary/garlic goodness
Roast carrots
Flourless chocolate cake

Everything, for the most part, has been made ahead. All I have to do is roast off things "low and slow" and make the vinaigrette. This gives me ample time to search the web for a replacement DVD player.


* Once, N's mom asked, incredulously, about the AGS "Do any Jews go to this?" to which I replied with a deadpan: "It's restricted."

** I'm all Douay-Rheimsish, but if you want to, KJV will suffice.


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