Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not like it was before.

There are some things available now that, frankly, suck. Some don't actually suck qua suck, but have taken a definite nosedive in quality. To counter these nasty effects of "progress" we have eBay.

The three things currently on my radar that need to be eBayed because the retail version is unacceptable are:

1- Izod Lacoste tennis shirts, because the new Chemise Lacoste shirts are cut differently and overpriced and made from a different fabric than the classic.

2- Levi's shrink-to-fit (STF) 501 jeans, because the cut has been altered and the quality of the manufacture has slipped after the shifted production from their Cone Mills facility to the 3rd World. Sure, you can get what you need from Levi's in Europe or Japan (where our good stuff goes) but it seems deranged to pay $175 for a pair of basic f'ing jeans that used to cost $20 not 5 years ago.

3- Brooks Brothers oxford cloth buttondown (OCBD) shirts. Since the eleventy gazillion buyouts BB has suffered, the fabric and quality have taken a hit and the price spiraled. The best modern alternative is Mercer & Sons, but even at the introductory price you're still staring at $70/shirt.

And that's all the hints I'm a-give you for now.

One of the problems I've run into before is raving about something on eBay and then watching demand spike and prices go crazy. For example, the old Gillette adjustable razors I prefer could be found, mint-in-package, for $5, then my pal Corey got on TV and kickstarted that whole old school shaving trend. Good luck finding a trashed one for under $30. So, I like being able to score the "right" shirt for $5 and until I have stocked up I shan't release further details on how to tell good from bad from ideal. I'm not getting hosed again.



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