Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sartorial overachiever, Pt. 1

The assiduous reader will recall I had made a heartfelt plea for suggestions regarding PJ bottoms.

While suggestions blackened the sky, usually in the gigabuck range, one of my Usenet pals suggested Old Navy PJ bottoms, which retail for $14.50 (exclusive of gummint extortion) and they have been declared exquisite and a complete and utter bargain. The next best suggestion I got were for Swiss voile bottoms from Zimmerli that clocked in at TEN TIMES the price.

These are so good I am amazed they are Old Navy. My fear is the goofballs who run Gap Inc. (parent company of Old Navy) will realize how good they are and shift 'em over to Banana Republic (another division of Gap Inc.) for three times the ducats.

An order was placed, one in each color. You should yoink some your own bad self. Hurry.



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