Thursday, September 07, 2006

Topless in PJs

I had a mission. I needed new PJ bottoms. A lo-o-o-o-o-ong time ago (pre-buyout) I used to get them through Lands' End. Unfortunately, LE was bought out by Sears and suckitude ensued. I'm not assigning blame, mind, I'm just sayin'. Having to fork over sales tax was no prize, either.

Here's what I wanted: PJ bottoms, in a shirting-like* 100% cotton fabric (no flannel, no knit jersey, etc.) UNDER $20 a pair. 'S it.

Those of you who've followed the saga of my search for proper bespoke stuff will know I don't mind dropping bank on something particularly nice, but nobody will see me in PJs.

Oh, I didn't need full-on PJs.

I just wear the bottoms with regular white Nordstrom undershirts (one size larger) which are THE finest, regardless of price. In the past I have bought 'em from Polo, but the quality was merely a'ight...and even the sizing is off. I mean, I'm a shade under 5'10" w. a 34" waist and even the size small has me swimming in fabric.

So, all of a sudden someone suggested Old Navy PJ bottoms, which retail for $14.50 (exclusive of gummint extortion) or even less if you've an O.N. outlet nearby, and they have been declared exquisite and a complete and utter bargain. The other suggestion I got were for Swiss voile bottoms from Zimmerli that clocked in at TEN TIMES the price. An order was placed, one in each color.


* Pinpoint, broadcloth, cambric, batiste, voile, royal oxford...that sorta thing


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