Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year, clean start

There is an insidious little something I have noticed as I age. This is a very unique-to-me manifestation of a universal phenomenon. Given my work/SAHD schedule I had always put on a few pounds and then shed them.


Going through my closet, inventorying the place, I noticed that over the last 6-7 years the gain/loss thing has shifted, slowly but inexorably, towards the gain side. I'd started at X, reached Y and then went back to X. But at some point, I never quite reached X again. Since X.1 was close enough to X, I paid it no mind. Then I reached Y.2 and figuring that wasn't materially worse than Y, I--you guessed it!--paid it no mind.

The enemy, in my case, is snacking. For 2007, snacking has got to go, evicted like a dissolute brother-in-law. This is something I have to monitor SAHDly. This year I was rather diligent and after I lost the previous season's weight (mind you, we're not talking about drastic amounts here) I was careful to not exceed the peak.

The goal, boldly enough, is to get to see my abdominals again. The plan is to really make a dent in this regard and then (the brain-surgery-is-easier part) to keep the momentum going as I hit my heavy season.

The upside to all this is that this will afford me a focus point during my SAHD time. With both kids in school and, um, less of a penchant for ::cough, cough:: over-volunteering, I'll have no excuse. I'm just on the wrong side of 40, so I'm getting that now or never feeling.

The nice thing about being a SAHD is that all the moms never ask you to head up this committee or help out with that event. They figure a Y chromosome renders you hopeless and they rarely ask. If they do ask, and if it's an absolute nightmare, the Y chromosome allows me to say "Um, no, thanks." and then not brood or feel guilty. After all, I have books to read. Even better is that when the inevitable bake sales arrive, I get to show off my plumage amid the stacks of brownies and bales of chocolate-chip cookies.*

I might make it to a few meetings of a few things, but I have heard through the grapevine** that I ran afoul of some of the Mom Mafia*** with some of my "impertinent questions" **** and this has freed up more time.

Mind you, I still have to make periodic appearances at the office, return calls, etc. but it's a very impressive thing to behold how much lighter my schedule is today than it was the last working Wednesday of 2006. As in "several standard deviations" less.

And now, to run errands.


* Honestly, is that ALL people can think of?
** The moms with the cell phones surgically attached to their heads.
*** The moms with two minivans, who name their children Jared and Madison and have them doing 6 extra curricular activities...none of them well.
**** The event that likely caused me to be labled--quite correctly--as impertinent;
Mom-in-chief: I think we should go with the children and help build the playground for [school in Little Haiti].
Me: Um, how is our collective Creole French?
Mom-in-chief: Um...a little rusty.
Me: And our construction skills?
Mom-in-chief: I'm guessing we don't have any.
Me: So basically we'd only go there for the purposes of getting a sunburn and be extra mouths to feed?


Blogger julia said...

Yeah, I need to lose weight, too. I'm down 5 lbs already. Hopefully I don't get bored out of my mind, which is my usual pitfall.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Joke said...

My downfall is not bored-with-it so much as boredom. Then I start to nosh...and I'm scrod.


10:29 PM  

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