Thursday, February 15, 2007


I cannot say that I'm one of those guys who spends his time seeking out the consensus of the moment on matters of civilized men's apparel. (Or any thing else for that matter, but stay with me.)

However, this thread was brought to my attention and several things struck me in that "it's funny because it's true" sort of way, even if they aren't exactly, y'know, hilarious or anything.

Still, some ring true and, therefore, I share them with you:

You might be a dandy when... have more shoes than your signifacant [sic] other! favor a particular last at Edward Green have more than one book from either Alan Flusser or G. Bruce Boyer cross potential employers off your list if the interviewer lacks pocket linen can tell the difference between a fused jacket and a canvassed [sic] jacket snicker when people talk about Prada, Gucci, Kenneth Cole as quality clothes [I'd add Armani to this list.]
...the top button on your 3B jackets has never seen more than occasional use have a reasonable expectation that your footwear will outlast your vehicle add in extra time to your business trips in order to do some shopping at fine merchants, even if it means an inconvenient departure or arrival live in fear that your wife might actually discover what your Ebay name is, so she can read your feedback and see the Lobb, Oxxford and Kiton you've been buying while she's clipping coupons
...when an event it "black-tie optional" your only options are satin/grosgrain, peak/shawl, pique/pleated.
...[if] your feedback on eBay is four digits and you've never sold anything.
...your friends say "$80 for a shirt!!!" and you say "$80 for a shirt!" and you both mean the exact opposite by your reaction.
and my favorite practically get misty-eyed thinking about past Ebay auction goldmines where the seller misspelled the label's name as "Paul Stewart" or "Oxford" or "Briani" [too true, that]


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