Thursday, March 01, 2007

A little shopping is a good thing.

A couple of weekends ago, I took the lads up to Boston for a pleasant and instructive couple of days.

Sure, we saw all the usual things: Freedom Trail, North End, USS Constitution, etc. I mean, yes, of course, that was all very nice. (Ridiculously cold, as well, as noted by the frozen sheet of newsprint.)

But there are far more important things than statues, buildings and musea. There are destinations, pilgrimages, even. And one such pilgrimage was to the only Stateside outpost of Aquascutum.

The fact Aquascutum has an outlet here and, quite pointedly in my opinion, not in NYC, Chicago or L.A., speaks to the quiet Anglophilia of the city. Which suited me fine.

Naturally, a civilized man cannot step into such an inner sanctum without making some sacrificial offering from his wallet. Purely for the edification of his lads, of course.

The first, and most important, part of this educational process is vital: Score something for the maternal unit, as insulation against any reproaches as re. extravagance. Very, very important.

What first arrested my attention was a tote bag sort of purse thing in a very tactile-ecstasy sort of black leather with the Aquascutum house check lining.

However, I realized I was about to do some damage to the household account and therefore a stronger palliative was required. The ideal thing suggested itself in the form of a red merino/cashmere (there may be some angora therein, I haven't the time or inclination to separate the sheep from goats) coat, cut and styled like one of the very famous Aquascutum trenchcoats.

Which reminded me, that I ought get myself a trenchcoat. None of the typical tan/beige stuff. Something with a bit more, Oh-I-Dunno, intrigue thereto.

So this black beauty leapt at me. At first I was worried about the fabric content (I am somewhat legendary for my disdain of artificial fibers) but then I saw it was--whoa!--silk. You'd think a silk trenchcoat would be the hallmark of an International Man of say nothing of UNwaterproof, but you'd be wrong on both counts.

Speaking of hallmarks, I wanted to round things out with some quiet sterling silver stuff. The collar stiffeners suit my sense of, we, something. The idea of having something of luxury that is thoroughly hidden to all and sundry just appeals to me...probably for the same perverse reasons that I enjoy having my monograms placed in very hidden places.

And, because the staff had been very tolerant of both my clumsy photography (on evidence here) and my children--whose enthusiasm was flagging badly, quite possibly as a direct consequence of my total lack of photographic skill-- I decided on a pair of cufflinks to round out the afternoon. Simple, classic and double-sided. (The less said of swivel-y cufflinks, the better.)

And there you have it.



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