Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stop the insanity!

Now, about cufflinks.
I've said it before and I'll say it until I'm blue* in the face: One needn't drop major bank on menswear and accessories in order to be well and civilizedly arrayed. An example would be the silk knot cufflink set. A pair might set you back $10 if you go all out and splurge ($25 if you get a stud/link set and splurge.) and often just half that, even at retail. You can find them here and here.

This ought prove once and for all that one is capable of cutting a dandy figure for a piddling sum. So we'll hear no more drivel along these lines, yes? Good.

Now, setting aside the problem of cufflinks of inherently tasteless design (I'll leave it to your lurid imagination what these might be like) and inferior materials, the one cardinal sin, linkwise, is the swivel-back or T-bar cufflink.
It is always and everywhere, invariably, inexcusably wrong. It is beyond redemption. It is what men with notch lapelled eveningwear use. In fact, there are few graver sins. This isn't a function of cost, because many of these are eyewateringly pricy. Right there, lads, Uncle Joke has saved you much coin. You're welcome.

Quite acceptable, of course are the cufflinks with some other sort of back, be it a solid sphere or disk. It doesn't look unfinished as does the infinitely more lumpenprole swively monstrosity above, and has some measure of visual interest for when the inside of your cuff is visible.
These are acceptable but not ideal.

What, Uncle Joke, is the ideal?

The double-back cufflink, kids, that's what. The link part could be a solid bar o' metal or a chain, and the inner face could also be a smaller variant of the outer face (as would likely be the case with metal "knot" cufflinks) but the symmetry thing is everpresent and speaks highly of the wearer's polished sense of style. The matter of design is fairly open, but I'd avoid anything too busy or bejeweled. Particularly natty are the plain gold or silver with a shallow monogram or signet, moreso if paired with plain disk studs for a formalwear situation. In general, these are not horrifyingly expensive either, although they can be if you go in for platinum, which has the added cultural component of being expensive but only you know the true cost. (Like sterling collar stays.)

There. Better?


*Thus flattering the new navy Purple Label blazer I had run up.


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