Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stopped clocks, etc.

Yesterday I socked it to Esquire. Today I come not to bury Esky, but to praise him.

In their $5000 wardrobe series they finally nailed something. The best $155 shirt. As I mentioned before, I am of the opinion Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are the best value going. All they lack is a gauntlet button, but that is just a couple of bucks away at any half-awake tailor.

Now, the thing is that one needn't plunk major coin on these shirts. CT has seasonal clearance sales (not like Jos. A. Bank, which has a sale a week) and you can score Sea Island cotton-or-better shirts for well less than half (the Sea Island cotton shirt above is on sale for only $55 and Super 180s can be had for $75) what they charged Esquire.

The fabric (even the "base" pinpoints and broadcloths) is cool and comfortably crisp, the workmanship excellent and the design dead-on (I can tell because the collar meets in a perfect /\, not the more proletarian / \ not that you can tell in the photo.)

Their neckties -- again if bought off the clearance section -- are also a steal.

Kudos, try to stay on the straight and narrow.



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