Saturday, April 07, 2007

And now for something completely different?

Did you miss me?

No matter.

Uncle Joke is back and come to address something that the more innocent and less nuanced among you will scarcely credit. That is, I do not spend every waking moment arrayed in bespoke finery. No, really. Now, just because I don't doesn't mean that on those occasions I dress like a blindfolded toddler on peyote in Robin Williams' closet. Nononono.

One of my current fixations for casual wear is the Nat Nast silk camp shirt. While there are several general sorts of style produced, I'm a particular fan of two: The "Block" shirt and the embroidered shirt.

It's a fun "retro" rockabilly sort of aura these shirts project. The workmanship is excellent and the shirts supremely comfortable. The block shirt is more directly retro. It has stripes of varying breadths -- ranging from very wide to extremely wide -- in complementary colors. The embroidered number is more (sorry) whimsical, and gets the greatest attention.
Invariably the latter style is a limited edition, and there is a tag on the interior placket describing, in brief, the "back story" of the shirt. It could range from the history of a cocktail, different places in the USA to surf, or SHAG-like stylized silhouettes of martini glasses.
It's ideal weekend wear for doing very little beyond loitering over interesting cocktails with friends.
And just think how much more you'll appreciate the bespokes when you return to them, refreshed and with renewed ardor.


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Are you sure about this? I'm feeling this odd "retro vibe."


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