Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What I'm loving.

A while back, my eye was arrested by the Sperry Top Sider Gold Medal collection. It was as if the TopSider had leapt up to a higher, better version of itself.

I nodded approvingly.

Now, while on a retail reconnaissance a few days back, I saw that the Spring (?) stuff was coming in and displacing the Winter (?) stuff, placing the latter in the perilous position of being what I consider a steal. Thus tempted, I succumbed, thinking in warped terms of the money I hadn't spent thereby assuaging my conscience.
Mind you, I haven't taken The Oath (or whatever the Hell it's called) of not buying anything new, or anything along the lines. My own philosophy is to buy the very best that I can afford (usually if the very best is priced somewhere along the bargain-to-a-steal spectrum) and if I have enough of something, to make room by giving away the excess. There are men who consider themselves dandies who have closets larger than their bedrooms.
When your stuff lives better than you, that's when you realize you need a mental health professional to sit on your head while your beloved takes the poultry shears to your plastic.
These shoes are great. They are regularly available in assorted widths, which is a huge plus for me, because most of the time I can't wear loafers given that an "E" foot in a "D" shoe (even if you size up) causes the sides to bow and gap in an unsightly way. So that was great right there. They are also very well made and the deerskin inside is very comfortable when talcum is your only sock.
However, what deserves a special mention, in my estimation, is the styling. It manages to straddle the boundary between dressy and casual in a way that is rarely seen. Usually something is "dressed up" or "dressed down" depending on the context. (Think of jeans with a navy blazer, for example.) However, in this case, there are touches properly belonging on dress shoe (the shaping of the vamp, say) and properly belonging on a casual shoe (the eyelets along the perimeter, for example).
With a wink and a nudge towards its more relaxed nautical brethren, this shoe manages to set off, for instance, chinos in Sea Island cotton or maybe nicely tailored linen trousers. It does so in a way that would be clumsy in a "straight" dress shoe and unsuccessful in a casual shoe. This line merits your consideration.
Especially on sale.


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