Friday, August 03, 2007

Deluxe Cheapness

If you are among the fortunates whose daily routine frequently finds you arrayed in suit and tie and also happen to be, er, frugal...I have good news.

Jos. A Bank's, an enterprise that for many years has been viewed as a Brooks Brothers manqué, has not only managed to find religion via pronouncedly upmarket offerings at suborbital prices, it has even managed to put some of these at super-duper clearance.

Uncle Joke wants you to pay particular attention to their "Signature Gold" line. Sure, the other stuff is nice, but Signature Gold is the money section. Normally this is retailed at up to $1300 and can be favorably compared to high-end off-the-rack suits weighing in around $3K, but for the next few days you can score them for $250. This means that you're getting $3K's worth of goodness for 90% off.

With the exception of reverse pleated trousers, there is really very little for even the most fastidious dresser to pick on. At $250, they are closer to free than they are to their real worth.

Oh, and shipping is free.



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