Saturday, October 13, 2007

New to the pantheon?

Dear Internet,

As I mentioned in my previous dispatch, just a two weekends ago I was gallivanting around Chicago. On the afternoon prior to the white tie event, my beloved and I decided to avail ourselves of the shopping to be had on and around Michigan Avenue, as well as a spot of lunch. Given that our lunch involved strong ale, my beloved became irredeemably somnolent and had to decamp for our hotel, fortunately a mere block away.

I, faced with several hours -- my beloved is a cataleptic in denial, alas -- of unfettered shopping opportunity, decided to beeline for Paul Stuart; which is, incidentally, fast becoming my favorite haunt for accessories*.


I noticed that they had a made-to-measure thing available. Possibly they may have had such a thing for millennia, but this was the first time I had ever noticed. Seeing as how I was due for my annual suit wardrobe addition, I took the plunge. Normally the off-the-peg house cut is not one which flatters me, being a touch too boxy and narrow-shouldered. But with MTM or custom/bespoke this is not a material issue.

One thing I noticed about the staff at PS is that these guys are professional. The uppah echelon staff at, say, Ralph Lauren have always struck me as being actors in character -- they certainl dress that way -- and at BB they all remind me of people that were at school with someone you know, or are friends of your parents. At Alan Flusser, I have frequently had the impression they are evangelists out to spread the faith. Not so at PS. These guys, first of all, are always very well dressed. I mean, really, really well dressed; in the kind of way you never recall exactly what they were wearing, only that they were immaculate. Furthermore, they all invariably assume that you are a sharp dresser your own bad self and knowledgeable on matters sartorial. They will sling terms like "floating canvas" or "macclesfield" or "barathea" as if you both are members of the same guild. Then, the best part...the dog that didn't bark, as it were...they offered me no suggestions. That was kind of refreshing, being treated like a grownup with a clear sense of personal style. Nice.

Anyway, I ordered this one, but in solid as opposed to chalkstripe. In general, I like stripes -- at 5'9" they help elongate me -- but these stripes, on this suit looked a bit too, y'know, like something from the filming of Cotton Club. So solid it was.

I'll let you know what it looks like upon arrival.


* Around New Year's 2006, I traipsed in and found (and bought) a gorgeous set of white silk knot cufflinks and studs (studs!) that set off the abovementioned tuxedo -- double breasted, shawl lapelled -- so very perfectly. Next time I pop by, I think some mother-of-pear and sterling cufflinks are in order.


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