Sunday, February 12, 2012

The deadline story, for Cate the Great

I was working on a screenplay with a great pal of mine. A for-real Hollywood writer with a very long, distinguished, celebrated career. Things were going well and we were in a lull, waiting for the suits to send back notes. During this lull, she emailed me because another project of hers, with another (celebrated, etc.) writer friend of hers was stagnating. The dialogue was stilted, the plot was muddled and they hadn't even gotten out of the 2nd act. She had been paralyzed with angst for days over the intractable difficulties in the script.

She wrote: "I hate dumping this on you, but you're better than the guy cowriting this with me. Would you mind taking a pass at this and sending me your thoughts by next week?"

I said yes, and she sent.

Late the next afternoon, I had fixed the dialogue made a smallish plot correction that proved key and then cranked out the 3rd act. I sent Ito her.

Her reply?

"OMG, that's brilliant.

I hate you. "


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