Friday, February 17, 2012

In Honor of Tiki Month, yet again.

You people thought I was kidding when I said things would be going really slow.

HA! I guess I showed you!

Part of this slowitude is the fact that I have an ├Žsthetic constraint, which we have discussed in great depth previously, which limits me to Only Tiki-ish Things I Can Get Free Or Cheaper. I am also hampered by the fact my DIY skills are somewhere between "nonexistent" and "abysmal."

And yet!

I put up that shelf.

And I put Tiki drinking vessels upon it. Oh, yes I did. A Fourtune Fire Bowl -- a great hit at parties as people love to drink things with a fire nearby -- and three unnamed Tiki mugs I grabbed at a garage sale for "stupid cheap" and a Miehana mug I found on eBay for (I'm embarrassed to say how little) when the seller (mis)spelled it "Mihana."

But is that all I have done?


Scouring as I do garage sales, I scored a midsized "coffer" with an Asian look to it (it has a shallow relief of a lotus blossom)
and this especially sweet bamboo shaped bottle and it will be converted into a light with the aid of one of those cork-and-wick things where you fill the bottle with, say, citronella and light the thing.
I followed this up with a snazzy bamboo serving tray, with cutouts to carry six stemmed glasses and a fairly useful load of, say, crab rangoon.
Then, feeling the giddy rush of acquring things at the dizzying rate of one ever 8 weeks, I went all out at a rummage sale where I scored not one, but two sets of prints. One of these assorted exotic (to someone who has never been anywhere near a zoo) animals and another of vintage nautical charts of the south Pacific.

Did I mention they were really cheap? $2 for the complete haul?

Because I was kind of enamored with the idea of cool, Tiki-ish prints, I found some SHAG examples from Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room's 40th anniversary.
Finally I managed to consolidate all my cocktail/wine/beer/spirits books into one spot.
For those of you who recall the "waterfall plan" I decided to arrange the rain gutters such that right behind the window in question there is a cutout which will allow our torrential rainstorms to drain in a waterfall-y way. A couple of cheap fountain pumps might be pressed into duty for a day sadly lacking in Noah-and-the-Ark-rain.

One thing I'm also in the process of getting is a vintage, bamboo-ish china cabinet to use as a back bar and to showcase the assorted drinkware and bottles. But it's gotta be cheap.



Blogger SquirrelFarts said...

Oh good, so it's not just me that is overly proud of seemingly-mediocre construction projects like putting up a shelf, or consolidating cocktail books. Now I feel better about myself!

What kind of width are you hoping to get with the waterfall project? That really makes me wish I wasn't currently renting.

9:49 AM  
Blogger JMG said...

That is a superb question. I guess I really should go measure, huh?

8:30 PM  

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