Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We all carry baggage

If you want decent luggage, you will have to pay the equivalent of a kidney. If you want decent luggage and you foolishly bought one of those pathologically impractical Italian cars of which I'm always harping, you will need fitted luggage and then you might as well get a mortgage.

I always have a certain image in my mind, of a brief weekend getaway with my beloved. In this image "our" spot is The Breakers in Palm Beach. About two hours away, impossibly posh, and deluxe in all aspects. The visual is of pulling up in the impossibly impractical Italian sports car (which is why the short distance matters; a longish haul in one is a one-way ticket to osteopathy) and having the bell staff decant all of the luggage (which is why the brevity of the trip matters...that's all that will fit) and we go singsongingly to check in. Fade out.

If you know The Breakers or its ilk, you really don't visualize yourself luggaged with Harry Potter duffels or Dora the Explorer rollaboards.

So I am on a mission to find suitable luggage.

Stay tuned.


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