Sunday, December 01, 2013

It's Speakeasy Month! - An introduction.


It's speakeasy month.
Because I've been blessed with that kind of a sense of humor, I'm keeping it kinda quiet.

Anyway, this all came about because the very estimable Doug Winship goes all Tiki in February, the better to ward off the arctic feeling in Columbus, Ohio which, going by the ardor with which Doug pursues Tiki month, must approach that of Ice Station Zebra.

I wanted to do something similar, seeing as how I live in a place where traipsing about in madras shorts in February, gamboling about like a linen-clad faun, is pretty much Standard Operating Procedure. So the "mirror image" (or at least, for the purposes of this endeavor, mirror image) is a guy in Miami doing speakeasy drinks.

I would have, ceteris paribus, done this in the dead of summer but, c'mon, let's be realistic. Besides, during the calendar swath that is Thanksgiving-to-New Year's-Eve people tend to be more cocktail-y than usual. And given that it gets darker sooner, and more candles are about, it looks, well, speakeasier, as it were.

Please steel your system to seeing, at some diverse times, coupe glasses.